WXXI Job Openings

POSITION:                                Reachout Radio Board Operator/Operations Assistant

DIVISION:                                 Radio

REPORTS TO:              Reachout Radio Program Director

CLASSIFICATION:                   Casual, non-exempt

HOURS:                                   Saturdays 8:30 a.m. until Noon
                                                Fill-in other shifts as needed


1.         Responsible for operation of master control.  Duties include:  putting “live” readers on the air, hosting live program breaks that include playing back pre-recorded PSA’s and promos from a digital automation system and presenting weather forecasts, monitoring station's signal, and playing back pre-recorded programs.

2.         Assist with the preparation and distribution of daily program logs, production and rotation of PSA's and promos, editing digital audio files and transferring digital program files.

  1. As scheduled, record programs for later broadcast, including heading and tailing the cuts and quality checking the recordings.


  1. Responsible for editing the recording of the day’s newspaper readings for re-broadcast later in the day and updating the days playlist, making adjustments to the stopsets to allow for a smooth and complete automated broadcast.

5.         In the event a reader is unavailable, it is the respon­sibility of the board operator to read the scheduled program.

6.         Works closely with volunteers, providing instruction as needed. Maintain materials and supplies needed by the volunteers and keeping the volunteer area tidy.

7.         Responsible for filling in for other board operators on short notice as needed

8.         Other related divisional duties as assigned.

REQUIREMENTS:         Demonstrated aptitude for operation of studio/broadcast equipment including audio consoles, CD players, digital computer audio systems, and understanding of digital file transfers.  Pleasant conversational speaking voice. Willingness to work unusual hours, particularly during weekends and evenings. Ability to work well with volunteers.

EDUCATION:                High School diploma

EXPERIENCE:   Prior announcing and board operation, digital audio production experience