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February 23, 2005 (Rochester, New York) – WXXI Public Broadcasting Council received a $10,000 replication grant from the National Center for Outreach to integrate PBS KIDS GO! web content into current outreach programs, build new community relationships and increase community outreach aimed at six to eleven year-olds. PBS KIDS GO! is an educational multimedia destination specifically created by, for and about early elementary school kids that was launched by PBS in November 2004. The project’s companion web site, houses web sites for PBS Kids programs including Arthur, Maya & Miquel, Dragonfly TV and Cyberchase.  WXXI will use the grant to present workshops on how to effectively utilize the PBS KIDS GO! web site, providing instruction on how to navigate through the site and how to capitalize on the educational content beyond the computer.

            The workshops will focus on ecology, environmental education and volunteerism using the web sites of Eeko World, Dragonfly TV, Backyard Jungle and Learning Adventures in Citizenship, all of which are housed on The workshops will offer materials that can be used in conjunction with Earth Day, Community Water Watch and the Annual Costal Clean Up. They will promote public participation for on-site clean up projects that coincide with local and national community projects. WXXI will create a workshop web site where teachers and parents can download the workshop materials and lessons.

            WXXI will market activities through its Education Advisory Committee, which represents eleven counties and regional education agencies in WXXI’s viewing area. It will also work with Homework and Tutoring Programs Roundtable, a group of educators primarily from the City of Rochester who serve at risk youth, and Science Linkages in the Community of the Rochester Museum and Science Center, an organization dedicated to creating a culture of learning by providing instructional models and innovative curricula for out-of-school educational initiatives.

WXXI-TV broadcasts 11 ½ hours of non-violent, non-commercial children’s programming each weekday. It also delivers extensive educational resources to its community through instructional programming, Ready To Learn, GED on TV, Video On-Demand, college telecourses, outreach initiatives and local educational productions. To learn more, visit  

The goal of the National Center for Outreach is to assist PBS stations to provide meaningful outreach to local communities, helping to foster and deepen existing community partnerships.


WXXI is an essential, lifelong educational resource for the Greater Rochester area. WXXI provides programming that stimulates and expands thought, inspires the spirit, opens cultural horizons and promotes understanding of the issues of our diverse community, nation and world. Log on to for more information about our services and programs.

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