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( Rochester, New York) June 1, 2005 – WXXI Public Broadcasting has announced that the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) will co-produce WXXI’s national medical series Second Opinion. The two institutions will partner in the production of the second season of the award-winning PBS series that engages nationally recognized healthcare professionals and patients in a fast-paced, provocative discussion of medical cases. Seen on over 150 stations across the U.S., Second Opinion puts Rochester in the spotlight as a destination city for the best medical care and medical minds in the country.

"This program enables viewers to understand more about their own health by pulling the curtain back on discussions among physicians and medical scientists," said C. McCollister Evarts, M.D., CEO of the University of Rochester Medical Center. "It fits nicely with our commitment to empower individuals with knowledge." URMC solidifies a three-year commitment as co-producer and will provide medical advisors and web site support to the only weekly medical talk series on PBS.

"Healthcare issues are a foremost national concern and Second Opinion enables Americans to take charge of their own healthcare by giving them the information they need to make informed decisions," said Norm Silverstein, President of WXXI. "It is the goal of Second Opinion to raise the level of public understanding of healthcare and medical issues in a way that may some day save a life."

The first season of Second Opinion dealt with medical issues ranging from heart failure and breast cancer to nutritional supplements and obesity, while season two looks to tackle everything from diabetes to depression. The Larry Kohn Journal Club, a group of top physicians and researchers in Rochester, served as medical advisors for the first season while Dr. Roger Oskvig, an acknowledged leader in Gerontology and Associate Professor of Medicine at URMC, was the program's principal medical advisor. Dr. Oskvig will continue to act as principal medical advisor for season two.

Second Opinion presents "medical literacy" in a format that engages and entertains viewers and also boasts a comprehensive companion web site at:

Second Opinion is hosted by nationally acclaimed Dr. Peter Salgo, who maintains a full-time practice in Intensive Care Medicine in the Open Heart ICU at New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Dr. Salgo was part of President Clinton's heart care team when the former president entered the hospital for treatment last September.

Production will begin at the end of June and the second season will launch on PBS in October 2005. West 175 Productions in Seattle, Washington are also co-producers of Second Opinion.


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