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Rochester, NY (August 1, 2007) – WXXI Public Broadcasting unveils its digital radio service today as WXXI-HD Radio brings classical music as well as two separate news channels to Rochester’s digital airwaves. Digital radio enables FM stations to offer more than one program stream, and although a number of HD radio stations are available in the region, WXXI- HD 91.5 is the only local station to offer three digital channels. In addition to Classical music on WXXI-HD 91.5-1, WXXI’s programming on HD 91.5-2 and HD-91.5-3 will offer a mix of shows from National Public Radio (NPR), Public Radio International and BBC World News. As well as more programming choices, digital radio allows WXXI to broadcast a stronger, CD-quality sound for all of its services offered.

WXXI-HD 91.5-1 brings listeners a digital, crystal-clear version of WXXI’s classical music programming heard on Rochester’s only classical station, FM 91.5/90.3. WXXI-HD 91.5-2 provides the news and public affairs programming from NPR and WXXI heard on AM 1370 in a sharp, digital broadcast that is not subject to the seasonal pattern changes of AM radio. WXXI’s third channel, WXXI-HD 91.5-3 offers additional programs from NPR, Public Radio International and BBC World News complimenting WXXI’s regular news and talk with selections such as The World, As it Happens, Day to Day, Splendid Table, and Weekend America. These two secondary news channels make WXXI’s programs more accessible and increase the number of public radio programs available to the Greater Rochester audience.

HD radio is not like satellite radio; it is not a subscribed service. It is a free, over-the-air radio broadcast, but listeners will need an HD radio to access the service. In the near future, WXXI will look to stream its HD radio channels over the Web at

Unlike digital television, HD Radio is not a government mandate. Whereas the analog television signal will eventually be turned off, the analog radio service will not be going away anytime soon.

More than 1,325 radio stations across the country are now broadcasting in HD format, and more than half offer alternative program streams. To learn more about HD radio and WXXI’s HD Radio stations, log on to     


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