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(Rochester, New York) August 27, 2009 – WXXI’s Education and Outreach Coordinator Shelley Figueroa heads to Vancouver, BC September 26-29, 2009 to attend the Vancouver Peace Summit hosted by the Dalai Lama, and sponsored by The Fetzer Institute. Figueroa was personally invited to the Summit by The Fetzer Institute in appreciation of her work in organizing WXXI’s Campaign for Love and Forgiveness. The Campaign for Love & Forgiveness is an inclusive, nonpartisan project of the Fetzer Institute that explores how love and forgiveness can effect positive change in individuals and communities.

At the Summit, Figueroa will have the opportunity to hear from the Dalai Lama, as well as Nobel Laureates: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jody Williams, Mairead Maguire, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Betty Williams and Murray Gell-Mann. The Summit will be built on dialogues that focus on themes of peace, education and women and peace-building. There are seven PBS station across the country that were selected to participate in the Campaign for Love and Forgiveness, and outreach coordinators from two of the seven stations will join Figueroa at the Summit.

In 2007 WXXI launched a multi-year long initiative as part of the Campaign for Love and Forgiveness, a national community engagement initiative exploring the transforming power of love and forgiveness in our personal lives and communities. Over the past three years, WXXI has aired several documentaries focused on forgiveness, including the award-winning program, The Power of Forgiveness; invited Rochesterians to share their stories of love and forgiveness; and hosted screening events and community conversations, as well as a series of interactive call-in radio and televisions programs. To learn more about WXXI’s campaign, and to listen/read stories shared by Rochesterians, visit

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