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Monday, December 26 at 10 p.m. At Home with the Georgians

(Rochester, NY) – For 18th century Georgians – English citizens who lived under the reign of Kings George I-IV – nothing was more precious than their homes. For them, the state of a person’s household was symbolic of the inhabitants’ taste, character, moral values, and even the state of their marriage. Establishing a home meant more than creating a safe and comfortable place in which to dwell; for Georgian men, owning property was the key to community acceptance and town rights. Additionally, the grander the estate a man had to offer, the greater his chances of marrying into a family of money.

At Home with the Georgians, a three-part series that gives viewers the inside story on the Georgians’ domestic lives, premieres Monday, December 26 at 10 p.m. on WXXI-TV/HD (DT21.1/cable 1011 and 11). Hosted by Professor Amanda Vickery, author of the award-winning book Behind Closed Doors—At Home in Georgian England, this series aims to recreate the interior lives of men and women from all walks of 18th century life.

In At Home with the Georgians, Vickery introduces viewers to the variety of estates across Britain and uncovers the secrets of the people who lived in them. From “the palaces of the wealthy, the parlors of the middle classes, and the attics of the servants and the poor,” the special tells the stories of bachelors and spinsters alike through preserved diary entries and letters. Vickery flawlessly pairs details from these documents with tours of estates, bringing life and perspective to the rooms and décor of the houses.

The series also educates viewers on the dynamics of marriage and domestic life during that time period. For Georgian women, marrying and then maintaining the home was the only career option; the women found great pleasure in acquiring managerial power over the household. While owning property gave a Georgian man status in the community, men were not considered mature or masculine until they were married. Diary entries from these men and women reveal the pressures of marriage and the problems faced by those without a partner.

An informative historical documentary, At Home with the Georgians offers a unique look into Georgian homes and the way their inhabitants shaped domestic life.

Pictured: Host Amanda Vickery with two period actors
Credit: APTonline.org


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