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Saturday, January 24 at 8 p.m. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

(Rochester, NY) The original, highly acclaimed series, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, starring Jeremy Brett and David Burke as Holmes and Watson, returns to public television. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, airing Saturdays at 8 p.m., beginning January 24 on WXXI-TV 21 (cable 11) and WXXI-HD (cable 1011 and DT 21.1), is certain to bring with it a loyal audience, hungry for first-rate drama and mystery. Thirteen of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original short stories are brought to life in this triumph of television drama.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes features the following episodes:

101 -The Dancing Men
Holmes and Watson unravel the mystery of the 'dancing men' and apprehend the man who has been threatening Mrs Cubitt. But will they be in time to prevent her attempted suicide and catch the killer behind Mr Cubitt's tragic murder?

102 - The Naval Treaty
Apart from the Minister himself, Percy Phelps is the only man in the Foreign Office with access to the secret treaty between Great Britain and Italy. When the treaty disappears Phelps, tortured by guilt, calls on the services of Sherlock Holmes. With world peace in danger, it seems only one man can help but can Holmes find the treaty in time?

103 - The Solitary Cyclist
Violet Smith consults Sherlock Holmes over the mysterious cyclist who has been following her on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the efforts of three men, returned from South Africa to defraud her of her inheritance by forcing her to marry one of them, are thwarted by Holmes and Watson. Is there a connection, who is the solitary cyclist and is he really trying to protect her?

104 - The Crooked Man
Holmes and Watson visit Aldershot to investigate the violent death of Colonel James Barclay. A tragic love story is unveiled which exposes the identity of a horribly deformed man, the 'crooked man'. His involvement in the case begins to place doubt in Holmes' mind - could Barclay have died of natural causes?

105 - The Speckled Band
Julia Stoner has lived alone with her step-father, Dr Grimsby Roylott since the strange death of her sister two years before. Holmes and Watson establish that the stepfather keeps a deadly snake - 'the speckled band' - which he intends using again as the murder tool. But what are his motives?

106 - The Blue Carbuncle
The Blue Carbuncle, a mysterious jewel with a sinister history, is stolen from the Countess of Morcar. After it is found inside a Christmas goose, the mystery becomes even more bizarre. So who is the true thief? This is a puzzle only Sherlock Holmes can unravel.

107 - The Copper Beeches
The story of Miss Violet Hunter - who seeks advice from Sherlock Holmes as to whether she should accept a position as governess to Edward, son of Jethro Rucastle. Worried about the conditions he has stipulated, the great detective is faced with one of the most sinister puzzles of his career. Co-starring Joss Ackland (The Hunt For Red October, Lethal Weapon II) and introducing Natasha Richardson.

108 - The Greek Interpreter
Mr Melas, a Greek interpreter, undertakes an extraordinary assignment to gain a signature which will confirm a marriage. He knew he'd be risking his life if he told his story to a living soul. Fortunately he chose to confide in Mycroft, the brother of Sherlock Holmes.

109 - A Scandal in Bohemia
Holmes and Watson are asked by a masked nobleman to save one of the royal houses of Europe from ruin. This is the story of how a great scandal threatened to affect the kingdom of Bohemia, and how the best plans of Sherlock Holmes were beaten by a woman's wit, Miss Irene Alder.

110 - The Norwood Builder

When the unhappy John McFarlane arrives at 221b Baker Street the police are not far behind him. With the body of Jonas Oldacre found in a fire, it seems McFarlane had an obvious motive for murder - he is set to inherit everything in Oldacre's will. However, Holmes believes in his client's innocence!

111 - The Resident Patient
In return for three quarters of all his fees Dr Trevelyan is given a practice in London's West End and a resident patient. All seems well until the patient is left terrified by a number of strange occurrences relating to his criminal past life. With all his powers of detection, it seems even Sherlock Holmes is powerless to help him!

112 - The Red Headed League
Jabez Wilson approaches Sherlock Holmes about 'The Red Headed League' and the mystery surrounding his employment - to spend each morning sitting in an office copying out pages from an encyclopaedia for a very good wage. But with money still owed to him, Holmes investigates and discovers that Moriarty may have a hand in these peculiar dealings.

113 - The Final Problem
After infuriating Moriarty by spoiling his plan to sell the 'Mona Lisa', the net begins to close around the evil Professor. The arch rivals come to their final reckoning at the Reichenbach Falls, Meiringen - but will Holmes survive the fall?

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Pictured: Jeremy Brett and David Burke are Holmes and Watson
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