DTV Resources Links
Offering information on the June 12th 2009 digital television transition in seven languages, this step-by-step Web site helps consumers decide if they need a converter box and enables visitors to order coupons online.

Information for the blind or visually impaired
Specialized information is available in this audio program about the Digital Television Conversion including specific considerations and questions that should be asked when purchasing
necessary equipment, DTV Transition.

National Association of Broadcasters'
DTV Transition Campaign
This is the official Web site of the National Association of Broadcasters' digital television (DTV) transition campaign. Log on and you'll find out what DTV is, why we're making the switch, and who it will affect. You can also apply for a converter box coupon at the site, and read the latest news about this historic transition.

PBS’ Robert Cringley Crash Course on digital television.
Cringley's site explains what digital television is in a friendly, comprehensive Web site to compliment the program
of the same name.

For those looking to purchase an HDTV
this site give a great primer on what to look
for when selecting one.

A good all-round site from Consumer Electronics
This will give you information on everything from the
digital transition to buying an HDTV.

The Digital TV Transition
Do you know what analog TV and terrestrial broadcasting are? The digital television transition jargon glossary and FAQ section make this government Web site a good resource for
perplexed consumers.

FCC Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
Consumers with analog-only or dual-mode analog-digital cellular phones could be affected by the June 12th 2009 digital transition. Home alarm systems that use analog radio equipment to send wireless signals could also be affected by the digital transition. Additionally, OnStar customers with older motor vehicles could be affected. Visit the government Web site above for more information.

DTV Transition

With a list of categorized digital television transition resources, this specialized Web site gives consumers the basic steps for making it through the service change in June 12th 2009.

Video tape Stock 480, 720 and 1080
This site defines the difference between the three digital TV broadcasting standards--480p, 720p and 1080p. These numbers represent the lines of resolution, scanned progressively. The higher the resolution, the better picture. If you're in market for a DTV, then you'll want to check out this site.

Digital Television Transition and Public Safety

This U.S. Department of Commerce Web site details how the
June 12th 2009 digital television transition will affect the communication of emergency responders.

National Cable & Telecommunications
Answering the simple questions about the June 12th 2009 digital television transition, this Web site also details the growing use of digital television services since 2003.
Consumers looking for a variety of informational sources on the June 12th 2009 digital television transition should use this Web site. A link to Consumer Reports’ article on the telecommunication issue is especially valuable.

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable customers should have every television in their homes connected directly to Time Warner Cable to prevent any service interruption during the June 12th 2009 digital television transition. For information on transition options, visit
the Web site above.

DIRECTV customers who don’t already get local channels like WXXI through DIRECTV could see a service disruption with the
June 12th 2009 digital television transition. Visit the Web site above
for more information.

Dish Network
The Dish Network site details the difference between analog and digital televisions so that customers can tell if they’re going to be affected by the June 12th 2009 digital television transition. The Web site above will help customers know if their television is too old to make the transition.

Optimum/Cablevision Systems Corporation

Optimum customers that have secondary televisions still connected to analog tuners could experience service disruption with the
June 12th 2009 digital television transition. Contact Optimum or visit the Web site above to continue service to all televisions.

Converter box information
This site offers helpful converter box information, advice on what antennas work best in certain situations, a Q&A section
and blogs on DTV.

Help-Desk PDF Document from the FCC
Click here to download PDF file
This document provides many answers to common questions regarding the Digital Transition.

Consumer Electronics Association Connection Guide
The site features a program that will help you connect your audio-visual components.

DTV Transition

A great site with lots of helpful DTV information
including a DTV toolkit.