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For Adult Students:

Want to Improve:
  • Your English Speaking Skills
  • Your Job Options
  • Reading and Math Skills
  • Get Your High School Equivalency

STEP 1: Sign-Up to Get Help from a FREE NY State Approved Adult Education Program: Choose From Partner Program List OR Locate FREE Programs by Clicking Your County on the NY State Map

STEP 2: Improve Your Skills:


Watch FREE Programs Online at FastForwardNY.org

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STEP 3: Take the High School Equivalency TASC Test (Replaces GED): Find a Testing Centers & Test Dates

Free test preparation programs and official Testing Centers are located throughout New York State. There is no fee to take the High School Equivalency TASC test in New York State.


Learn More About: TASC: Test Assessing Secondary Completion (replaces the GED) .



For Adult Literacy Teachers

Finger Lakes Regional Adult Education Network

ACCES/Finger Lakes Regional Adult Education Network (RAEN) at WXXI:

For Teachers & Administrators: The RAEN provides research-based training & assistance to improve the quality of NY State Education Department funded adult education, family literacy and workforce development programs.

Teachers: Learn More >

WXXI Educational Outreach Center

WXXI Educational Outreach Center: Providing Public Media Educational Resources, Training, Events and Community Engagement from Cradle to Career

Adult Learning Resource Highlights

PBS LearningMedia NY

PBS LearningMedia NY Video Library: Search videos for help

Descriptions of FastForwardNY.org and WXXI TV Series

GED Connection

Pre-GED Connection:

Series Description: The series uses an engaging documentary-style of instruction with real-life examples of how people use the skills and knowledge needed for the high school equivalency at work, home and in the community.

Watch online at FastForwardNY.org.

Workplace Essential Skills

Series Description: For adults who want to get — and keep — good jobs, this adult literacy series may be just the answer. Workplace Essential Skills teaches not just the skills but also the attitudes necessary to succeed at work. Reading, writing, math, communication, and problem solving are presented in workplace contexts. Learners see how to prepare résumés and applications and how to prepare themselves for interviews and for the workplace. Documentary and scripted footage shows what employers look for in new hires and how to fit in and thrive in a new job. This supplementary series for use by classroom, individuals or for integration into an existing program of study.

Crossroads Cafe

Crossroads Cafe

Series Description:The series offers programs that teach English to speakers of other languages by depicting the lives of six characters, their backgrounds, challenges and their daily struggles and strategies as ESL/ESOL learners.
TV 411

TV 411:

Series Description: The series provides practical literacy and life skills focusing on parenting, money matters and health. Lively video lessons teach math and writing, reading comprehension, and include motivational interviews with popular personalities and adult learners.
On Common Ground

On Common Ground:

Series Description: On Common Ground, from the producers of Crossroads Café, addresses key civic and government concepts for EL Civics and citizenship education, emphasizing the rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship.


Series Description: Life Lines TV series tracks the lives of families from different backgrounds, allowing learners to share experiences of others who are stuggling with family literacy issues and making progress.

Madison Heights

Series Description: Madison Heights: the series depicts a K-8 School with an after –school program linking dramatic stories that portray families struggling to overcome adversity with courage, dignity and hope.
PBS LiteracyLink

PBS LiteracyLink

Description: PBS LiteracyLink is a public broadcasting online initiative that links underserved and hard-to-reach adults and their teachers to exciting online learning tools. LiteracyLink's mission is to provide quality adult basic education that is exciting, relevant, accessible and flexible.
Homework Hotline

Need Homework Help?
Watch M-Th 4:30-5pm on WXXI-TV

Learn More

Take the Homework Challenge!

Homework Hotline, the live statewide call-in show where students receive help with homework problems right on the air, Monday-Thursday from 4:30-5:00pm on WXXI and PBS stations across New York State. Designed for students in grades 4-12, Homework Hotline provides the tools students need to succeed with homework, and supports academic achievement across a variety of New York State Learning Standards. Teachers from Rochester Dial-A-Teacher take the calls and send them to WXXI studios in Rochester, where host teachers, who are experts in subjects across the curriculum, are standing by ready to help students work through their homework assignments live on television. The Homework Hotline website supplies a video player, games and information to help with those homework challenges as well. Learn More


Students and parents who need assistance with homework are invited to call Dial-A-Teacher at 585-262-5000 or toll-free at 1-888-986-2345 from 3:30 to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. There is no charge for this service. Dial-A-Teacher online assistance is also available. You can email your questions to teachers at help@rtadat.com Some questions will be answered through the Homework Hotline TV series

Additional WXXI Family Literacy Resources