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WXXI Regional Adult Education Network: Serving the Mid-West Region of New York State

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Spring Series: Educators of The Incarcerated Workshop Series Flyer

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9:30am-3:30pm   Crossroads Cafe

Finger Lakes Community College Room B440 Lunch Provided

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Tues. 4/26/05


9am-4pm   Dr. Cal Crow Destination for Labor Market Entry: Session 2

Keuka College, Lightner Library Gannett Room, Lunch Provided

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Sat. 5/7/05


9:30am-4:00pm   ESOL Teacher Day Location Keuka College in the Hegeman Bldg. Lunch provided.

Driving Directions
May 11-13, 2005   See Registration Materials NYSAIEP Annual Conference (New York State Association of Incarcerated Education Programs)

Hilton Lake Placid Resort
1 Mirror Lake Rd.
Lake Placid, NY

May 15 - 17, 2005   See Registration Materials

NYACCE (New York Assoc. for Community & Continuing Education) 54th ANNUAL CONFERENCE

"On the Right Track:
Leading the Way in Lifelong Learning"

The Prime Hotel
Saratoga Springs, NY

Wed. 5/25/05 9:00am-4:00pm $135/person, materials and lunch provided. Mental Health First Aid Location: Days Inn in Batavia

Statewide Training Calendar: Training dates for all required trainings offered by the Regional Adult Education Networks in the state.

ALIES training calendar: See statewide ALIES training dates.

Adult Education Resource Guide Training (Blue Box)

Description: The AERG is designed to raise the standards of adult education, and link learner's goals to accomplishment in the world of work and in personal challenges. Standards of content and performance are linked to seven major achievement areas. The guidelines of the AERG will enrich your teaching, enhance the learning of your students, and provide you with a blueprint for your curriculum. Participants will receive a box of excellent educational resources.

ALIES Data Entry: Two-day workshop

Description: From ALIES installation through ALIES reporting, this training offers a step-by-step introduction to the ALIES software and the data entry process. The training covers two core content areas: ALIES data entry/update and ALIES reporting.

New programs that are just converting to ALIES, or new staff of programs that already use ALIES

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Virtual Online Knowledge Sharing: ALIES

Description: A participant directed web-cast meeting of ALIES users to share knowledge, discuss problems, and answer questions. This session takes place at YOUR desk. Participants log into a web meeting from their computer and dial into a conference call from their phone in order to interact with other ALIES users and the presenter. Content includes answers to all emailed questions, demonstrations of ALIES issues and their resolutions, tips and tricks for easier data entry, policy discussions and ideas for software improvement. LAC ALIES staff will facilitate.

Here's how to prepare for the session:
1. Register for your preferred session with the LAC by emailing
2. Receive an email with instructions for computer and phone setup
3. Email the facilitator a list of questions prior to the session
4. Participate in the session via web-cast and conference call.

ALIES users at both the data entry and manager/director level.

Learn More:

Contact Megan Whalen, Associate Director of ALIES/Data Analysis at 212-803-3316 with questions.

NRS Data for Program Improvement

National Reporting System (NRS) Data for Program Improvement
Come see how your data becomes a catalyst for program improvement at New York State's second workshop derived from the NRS Datanational staff development initiative. While the first workshop provided foundational skills in Quality Data, this workshop concentrates on using NRS data for program management, change, and improvement. Core features include:

  • using data for accountability, program promotion and program management
  • the US Department of Education's data use model for program improvement
  • NYSED policy and how it shapes program practice
  • in-depth analysis of statewide targets vs. program data

Participants will receive a copy of the NYSED Adult Literacy Compliance Self-Review Form and will be shown the new ALIES features for comparative analysis of program data vs. NYSED targets. Therefore, we strongly recommended that at least one staff person of any WIA Title II funded program attend this session. As many of you know, NYSED has begun to place programs on corrective action. This training will take all programs a great deal of the way toward continuous program improvement.

Program managers and staff of WIA Title II funded programs who have a fundamental knowledge of NRS and data quality.

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Math Basics

Math Basics distance learning programs are lively motivational lessons present real-life math as adults use it at home and on the job. Instead of stressing “getting the right answer,” Math Basics offers strategies for looking at the whole problem, helping students improve their math reasoning and problem-solving skills.Math Basics helps build students’ confidence as they study basic operations, weight and measurement, decimals and percents, reading graphs and tables, rounding and estimating, and other essential math skills. “Math commercials” show people using math in their work. The instruction in Math Basics rigorously follows National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards. Learn how to use this program in your classroom in person or at a distance..

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Best Plus
Become a certified BEST Plus administrator at this daylong training. Practice administering both the print- and computer-based versions of the test, and familiarize yourself with the scoring rubric. You will also receive a test administrator guide and practice CDs.

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GED Examiner Training

Interactive distance learning training session for eligible trainers only.

For more information about GED Testing:

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GED Update Videoconference

The NYSED GED Testing Office staff will provide a review of and answer questions on "most asked about" areas, such as age eligibility, correct use of attachments, and testing accommodations. Information will be shared on 2004 statewide and regional testing data and any new 2005 testing changes. In addition, adult literacy regional representatives will be on hand to answer questions on a variety of GED preparation program issues.

For more information about GED Testing:

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TABE (Testing of Adult Basic Education)

TABE Administrator’s Workshop : TABE is a Test of Adult Basic Education in reading, mathematics, and language at all levels. The test is designed to assess skills in the contexts that are most important to adults: life skills, work, and education. TABE provides both norm-referenced and competency-based information to help you evaluate your student’s abilities and plan for individual education and training needs.

The TABE is the main test used by adult literacy programs funded by the State Eduation Department to place students in adult basic education (ABE) classes and to measure educational gain.  Highlights include a test and scoring tables overview, effective test administration, using TABE scores for placement, and a discussion of the relationship among TABE test scores, class placement, and outcome reporting. 

The updated TABE includes more than 15 new items, including models to help you plan a testing program, new formats to give you enhanced administration options, new integrated measurements designed to match your clients and teachers needs, and new related testing options for maximum flexibility.
This is the NYSED approved training referenced in the EPE and NRS Manuals.  Please note that trainings offered by Contemporary/McGraw Hill are informational but DO NOT meet this requirement. 

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GED Math Calculator Workshop

This workshop is designed to introduce new instructional strategies and practice in the most often missed items on the GED Test. To pass the GED Math Test, you have to push some buttons, right? This workshop offers focused practice with the Casio®fx-260 Solar calculator on GED simlulated questions. The main goal of the day is to raise our comfort level with the use of the GED specific calculator through demonstration, practice and actual problem solving.

Each participant will receive a Steck-Vaughn Mathematics Workbook and the Casio®fx-260 Solar calculator.

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An Orientation to Destination: Labor Market Entry with Cal Crow

An Orientation to Destination: Labor Market Entry is a New York State initiative with an objective of increasing the employment readiness assets for incarcerated and institutionalized students. The intent is to heighten students' self concept as a worker and learner by integrating Career and Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) standards in programs available for transitioning youth from incarcerated and institutionalized settings.

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GED Connection

PBS LiteracyLink's GED Connection is a stand-alone multimedia learning system that helps adult learners advance toward their GED and improve skills needed at the workplace. Combining video programs, print, and online computer technology, GED Connection helps learners develop strategies and practice for success on the GED exam and beyond. Used in the classroom or in a Distance Learning Model, the integrated multimedia components work together to make studying for the GED easy for a busy adult who needs to work at his or her own pace.  Included in this training are the requirements for NYSED approved programs to collect EPE for GED Connection delivery.

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Workplace Essential Skills

Workplace Essential Skills uses video, print materials, and the internet to help learners find a new job, train for a better job, or be more successful on the job they already have. The lessons are written at a pre-GED level, and are designed to help build critical thinking and problem solving skills. Developing these skills will also help prepare for the GED test.  You may take this half-day training as an overview of WES;  or, if you previously attended this year's GED Connection training, you can use it as follow-up for incorporating WES  into your program as approved by NYSED.

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Crossroads Cafe

Crossroads Café is a video-based program for teaching English as a second language (ESL).  This series helps students build English language skills and better understand U.S. culture by depicting the lives of six characters who are typical of many ESL/ESOL learners. Included in this training are the requirements for NYSED approved programs to collect EPE for Crossroads Café delivery in a traditional, distance-learning, or combined setting.

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Destination for Labor Market Entry: Session 2

This training, conducted by Dr. Cal Crow, is designed for corrections educators and other interested professionals who have attended an introductory workshop, either last year or on February 1, 2005 in Syracuse.  Workshop topics will include:
-Using What We Know about Learning    
-Cognitive and Affective Learning Taxonomies
-The Importance of Decision-making
-Helping Incarcerated Individuals Become Career Planners and Managers
-The Newly Revised National Career Development Guidelines Framework
-Communication Skills That Improve Student Learning, Motivation and Employability
This workshop is highly recommended for anyone who would like to become a trainer for Destination: Labor Market Entry. 

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ESOL Teacher Day

A full-day training made up of workshop sessions that will address innovative and practical classroom techniques.Training topics will include: Effective pedagogical approaches for adult ESOL learners, Citizenship updates, Total Physical Response & Storytelling, Transitioning ESOL students to post secondary education, and BEST Plus follow-up/score norming. Come collaborate with your colleagues and help create a regional network of resources!

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Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is the initial response to a mental health crisis, or to the mild, moderate or severe symptoms of many common mental health disorders. This training will focus specifically on depression and anxiety disorders.

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Program Managers' Meeting with NYSED

The  Mid West and West  Regional Adult Education Networks are hosting a regional meeting of program managers and coordinators.  In the morning, Tom Orsini and members of the AEWD Team will provide up-to-date information on several current topics:
    - funding levels for EL/Civics and WIA based programs
    -EPE issues and assessment practices, especially as related to Distance Learning
    -WIA and TANF legislative updates
    -a discussion of corrective action visits and monitoring visits
    -the announcement of incentive grants around NRS goal setting and Table 5 information

10am-12 pm Manager's Meeting


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