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October, 2015 WXXI Education e-Newsletters

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PBS Kids

PBS Love Teachers

New Teacher Tools for PBS LearningMedia New York

Use ny.pbslearningmedia.org to discover FREE digital lesson plans, videos, and interactives to help engage your students and inspire learning.

Register for a free account: When you login you can access to bonus online tools: (Click the Login button in the upper right to complete the sign-up process.)

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  • Save and share resources
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WXXI's Daily Reading & Learning Activity Calendar:

Ideas everyday to promote learning with young children! Great to share with parents! Available in English & Spanish.

WXXI Reading CalendarConnect at: http://wxxi.org/education/parents.html#ReadingCalendar

Homework Hotline

Statewide live homework help show, Homework Hotline begins a NEW season helping students with their homework. The show returns September 14th Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-6pm. LIVE on NY PBS stations. Students that involve their families in their homework have parents that are more invested and engaged with their school success. Use Homework Hotline as a tool to support families!

You know you "LIKE" homework help!

Insider updates at:


Statewide funding is provided by New York State United Teachers (NYSUT)

Dial-A-Teacher support provided by Rochester Teacher Association (RTA).

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Educators: Would your students like to participate in Homework Hotline's book reviews?

WXXI pre-produces them at your school. Selected students review a favorite book in 1-2 minutes for kids across New York State. The best reviews air on the show across New York State and on the Homework Hotline website and video channels.

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Veterans Connection

WXXI's New Veterans Connection Initiative will:

The Classroom Collection explores:

  • Experiencing War
  • Returning from War
  • Commemorating War and Analyzing War
  • Resources for Families and Teachers

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Children's Educational Program Line-up on
  • WXXI-TV (WXXI 21.1 or TWCable 11/1221 On Week days 6am-6pm
  • WXXI Create KIDS schedule on WXXI 21.3 or TW 1276 7-days a week from 6pm-9pm.
  • On-Demand Streaming Services, or pbskids.org or Free PBS Kids Video App

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PBS LearningMedia New York

WXXI's Education Video Service: Free to WXXI educational institutions, teachers, students, & parents. Go to http://ny.pbslearningmedia.org

PBS LearningMedia NY is the go-to destination for instant access to 100,000 classroom-ready, digital resources including videos, games, audio clips, photos, lesson plans, and more! You can search, save, and share with ease. Best of all, it is free for educators in New York State because of a partnership between NYS Public Broadcasting Stations & PBS.

Sponsored Content:

Sid the Science Kid Exhibit

American Graduate

WXXI's American Graduate Initiative:

WXXI is dedicated to building awareness of the national and local issues, cradle to career, that have led to an alarming dropout rate and to help our community find solutions to ensure a greater number of graduates in the future. Learn More: http://wxxi.org/grad and in the Education E-Newsletter Feature

American Graduate News Coverage

Follow the latest education news from WXXI News, Connections with Evan Dawaon talk show and TV news magazine, Need to Know


Go to http://wxxinews.org/term/american-graduate

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American Grad Day

American Graduate Day on WXXI-TV

October 3, 2015 11am-6pm

American Graduate Day is a live, seven-hour multiplatform broadcast that leverages the power and reach of public media to focus on those organizations and individual Champions keeping kids on the path to graduation.  American Graduate Day centers each hour around the critical Cradle to Career themes:

11am - 12pm Early Learning
12 - 1pm   Caring, Consistent Adults
 1 - 2pm   More & Better Learning
 2 - 3pm   Special Needs Communities
 3 - 4pm   STEAM Education
 4 - 5pm   Dropout Prevention and Re-Engagement
 5 - 6pm   Career Readiness and College Completion 

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Recognize a local American Graduate Champion

American Graduate Champion

Who is your champion for education in our community?
Share how they have made the commitment to help children and youth succeed by recognizing them as an American Graduate Champion. Maybe you are a champion! Tell us about it!

Students can also nominate their champions. See information and graphic organizer to get them started at http://wxxi.org/grad

On-Demand American Graduate Programs

Check out new on-demand offerings:

  • Stories from the Classroom

  • Beyond the Classroom

  • Dropping Back In: A Better Life (New Episode)

See Details in the: Education E-Newsletter

Support for WXXI's American Graduate Initiative is provided by:

American Graduate

Newmans Own Foundation

The Brain with David Eagleman

The Brain Screening

The Brain with David Eagleman
Begins airing October 14 at 10pm

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Uncovering the Mysteries Behind the Brain

PBS LearningMedia invites grades 9-12 classrooms to join a virtual discussion with Dr. David Eagleman, host of the upcoming PBS series "The Brain with Dr. Eagleman". Students will learn how our personalities, emotions, and memories are encoded as neural activity and how the human brain continues to develop over the course of our lives.

Tuesday, October 13 | 1pm – 2pm ET

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Professional Development for Adult Literacy Agencies

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