Raising 100,000 Voices

HIP HOP: Beyond Beats & Rhymes Competition

  • HIP HOP: Beyond Beats & Rhymes Competition as part of Raising 100,000 Voices, young adults, ages 15-24, were invited to create a piece of hip-hop art. Hip-hop art included written lyrics, photography/visual art or recorded spoken word or videos.

Entries: Spoken Word/Poems

What Happened to Hip Hop? – By Sharanda

What happened to Slick Rick, Douge Fresh, Run DMC – better yet what happened to Hip Hop?
Yeah we have 50 cent, Jay-Z, Nas, Cassiday and many more rappers.
What happened to MC’s?
What happened to the drive? The passion? The message? The unity?
Instead it got replaced with jewelry, Champaign, beef, money drama and women making themselves look bad for a piece of change.
What happened to sweat suits? Fitted caps? Rope chains? Clocks? And Addis?
Now we have Nike, big pants, bandanna’s and Bling Bling.
What happened to Hip Hop?
What happened to the words lady? Queen? Wife? African American Princess?
Now it’s hoe, whore, broad, baby mama, pop off and the most famous word of all B**ch.
What happened to Hip Hop?
I really want to know
I can sit here and ask you a million questions
And we still will never know
What happened to Hip-Hop?

The Flow – Billy

To flow is to move
And move is to flow,
Water, wind, fire move with a Flow,
Lust or Love, Fruit for the Soul,
Lost in love, fell out of the flow
Unable to run, use to running wild,
Bound by obstacles, and destine to go,
How can I move when there is no flow?

Why Is Hip-Hop The Way It Is? – By Taylor

Why is hip-hop the way it is?
What happened to how it used to be?
What happened to the simple sounds of De La Soul or Run D.M.C.?
Now it’s just the heavy beats of 50 and the gang don’t forget Lil’ Wheezy.
Don’t forget these aren’t beat M.C.’s just rappin’ wanna bes.
What happened to rapping about something positive like “Me, myself, & I” or
“I’m not going out like that?”
Now we are just talking about getting money and who’s got the most ice in their grill.
We do have some who set the examples like Nas & Kanye West.
But we need more examples to bring back hip-hop and how it used to be.
No more rap wanna bes just real M.C.’s.

IMAGINE by LaQuisha

I communicate to people effectively
especially in the hood cause alot of
people are just misunderstood
people on the highway waving card-
board signs tryin to find away to
survive to get by in there lives
don't even have enough money to
feed the kids/son killed his
self said ain't no reason to live
ain't nothing in our world changing
changing in our nation/still got
wars killings and discrimination
younggins disappearing like
magic getting killed so many
ways can you imagine.............
Imagine ya young brother, sister
layin in a casket cause they just
took the wrong actions/imagine you
as a young mother sister trying to
kill you cause you pregnant by
her brother imagine you as a young
girl that lets ya boyfriend beat
you around next thing ya kno ya
layin 6ft. underground boyfriend
still free running around telling
girls when to stand or lay down
I thought the hood is the only
where living is ruff/but now
and days every place you live is
gon be tuff/man I'm tired of
this life I been living cause
the only thing we got is B.E.
T. and hillary clinton/in my life
I've felt so much pain/people get
shot in my neighborhood everyday
can you imagine......I still
see no changes people still actin
racist cause the color of our
skin when they see our faces its
crazy the world that we live in
to many murderers to many
killings to many young lives
out there being taking when
they kill do they think about
the rep that they making do
they think about the family
hearts that they breaking It's
getting real crazy we real need a
changing need to take away the
weapons so nobody gets stabbed
or shot/ I can't believe what
happened to young Devon
Stott/didn't even make it to the
age of 16 hope life doesn't end
like that for me/elders actin
like young lives doesn't matter
I can't believe that grown man
shot Miquesha Hazzard over
something so stupid the same
thing went down with my mans
Fred Lewis/government sitting
back acting all stupid/acting
like they don't know the right
way to do this/but I'm
standing up now tired of this
nonsense I'm putting
my foot down.