The Power of ForgivenessThe Campaign for Love and Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness is WXXI's multi year-long initiative as part of The Campaign for Love & Forgiveness, a national community engagement initiative exploring the transforming power of love and forgiveness in our personal lives and communities.



      • The Center for Youth, Inc.– Will utilize the conversation model to provide a series of intense staff training and create more opportunities to engage youth in conversation in a variety of settings, including their emergency shelter, workforce programs, suspension program and other in-school opportunities in an effort to get the message directly to the youth they work with.  The Center for Youth plans to incorporate the Campaign for Love & Forgiveness model into a new project called Project New Beginning – conversations with staff and youth will be ongoing.

      • Women of Grace United Methodist Church Prayer and Support Ministry – Grace United Methodist Church All conversations are scheduled for February, 2010 through March 2010
        • “Women in Bloom” will continue their series of 4 conversations
        • 4 conversations are planned with a men’s group
        • 4 conversations are planned with a co-ed group
        • 4 conversations are planned with a Native American Group

      • The Community Place of Greater Rochester will utilize a locally youth produced mini documentary to spark 4 model conversations on the topic of an unforgivable moment.  The conversations are planned for March, 2010 through April 2010.

      • The Downtown Community Forum will host a screening/discussion on Tuesday, April 27, 2010.  The featured documentary will be We Shall Remain “After the Mayflower”.  The topic of the film is the Wampanoag and the first Thanksgiving and the goal is to talk about creating a model for living in communities where all identities are valued.  The conversation will be facilitated by The Upstate Chapter of the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI).

      • The Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley (GAGV) – all events are directed toward members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities of Rochester, their families and friends.
        • On 4 weeks in October, 2009, GAGV hosted and facilitated a 4 part conversation.  The conversation on Love utilized the Love Facilitators Guides as well as The Mystery of Love and included members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.
        • Beginning February 23, 2010 – April 6, 2010 GAGV will host and facilitate a second four-part conversation on forgiveness – “Awakening the Power of Forgiveness to Transform.”  The 4-part facilitated conversation will examine the role forgiveness can play in helping people in the LGBT community build resilience to discrimination and victimization. 
      On April 20, 2010, GAGV will mark National Crime Victim’s Rights Week with a program on forgiveness that will incorporate The Power of Forgiveness documentary.

      Major funding provided by:
      The Fetzer Institute as part of
      The Campaign for Love and Forgiveness