The Power of Forgiveness


WXXI is proud to be part of The Campaign for Love and Forgiveness a national multi-year community engagement initiative that uses films as conversation starters in a variety of community settings to explore the transforming power of love and forgiveness in our personal lives and in our communities.  WXXI’s initiative is The Power of Forgiveness.  Funded by the John E. Fetzer Institute.

The Power of Forgiveness project will engage the community

  1. through community conversations
  2.  using multi-media so the community can share personal stories of love and forgiveness

About the  Campaign for Love and Forgiveness:

The multi-year Campaign for Love & Forgiveness explores how love and forgiveness can effect positive change in individuals and communities. Using various activities, the campaign will encourage community conversations throughout the United States, inviting everyone to connect on the topics of love and forgiveness. The Campaign for Love & Forgiveness is an inclusive, nonpartisan project of the Fetzer Institute (see below). Visit the Campaign for Love & Forgiveness site.


About the Fetzer Institute:

A private foundation established by John E. Fetzer, a broadcast pioneer and former owner of the Detroit Tigers. The mission of the Fetzer Institute is to foster awareness of the power of love and forgiveness in the emerging global community. Informed by both scientific rigor and spirituality, the Institute's research and education program explore how love and forgiveness effect transformation and healing for individuals and communities. Visit the Fetzer Institute site.


About the PBS Station partners:
The following  PBS stations are official partners of the Campaign for Love & Forgiveness:
KEET in Eureka, CA
KPBS in San Diego, CA
Maryland Public Television
WTVI in Charlotte, NC
WGVU in Grand Rapids, MI
WXXI in Rochester, NY