The Power of Forgiveness

Anonymous 6

Forgiveness to me happens daily.  I have lived for seventy-one years and married for forty nine years.  I have just started to get the message.

Everyday I have to forgive my spouse for something he has said or done that I find offensive.  In the same token he has to do the same for me.

I have gained faith enough to know that no matter how great the hurt is for me, my family or my friends, someone I know is hurting so bad to cause the problem.

I can carry the hurt and try to put the guilt on someone else or if I am responsible carry guilt feelings on myself and become self absorbed.

I have learned that if I share my feelings with a higher being and have faith, I can forgive even if I will never understand the reason or reasons. 

I also know that I can receive forgiveness from a higher being and so can any one here on earth who asks.

Because I believe this to be true, I am able to get up every morning ready to care about others and share the gifts I have been given.

I plan to try to live this forgiveness for the rest of my life.