The Power of Forgiveness


My story is about my relationship with my mother I love her so much that when she left due to a really bad drug habit I was the one it hurt most out of all her children and there is seven of us. When my mother left I ended up in foster care along with my little brother it was a tremendous experience for me. I bounced from foster home to foster home until I found the right one three years later. I was only in the last foster home for only one year before my father decided he wanted to get my little brother from foster care so if he wanted my brother he had to get me too it was a packaged deal I was part of a package and it didn't feel good because I really knew he dint want me but that is here nor there.

After about five years of going through hell and back my mother cleaned up her act and decided she wanted to try and get all her kids back and being so determined that is just what she did my mother accomplished getting most of her children back and now we are doing okay we have problems but never like before. I definitely realize now that I am older why she left and it was because she was sick very sick and she needed to be on her own for awhile and for her coming back for us I forgive her for that and will never hold any grudges love you mom and thank you for coming back for us.