The Power of Forgiveness

Rose Mary

This week I have been preparing a sermon for my congregation on the story of Joseph and his brothers selling him into Egypt because of jealousy. Joseph had the beautiful coat of many colors that were given him by his father of old age. Joseph was sold into Egypt and became a successful man. When the great famine came he was the one to see that the people had the food to eat. His brothers came to his land (not knowing who he was) seeking for food. What would you have done? Sent them away, let them starve? No, Joseph gave them food, enough to take some home for their father and brother, Benjamin. (Genesis 45:1-15). (Please read this story.) Joseph took a bad situation and made it into a situation that would please God.

I have dealt with the theme of forgiveness in my sermon for Sunday. I wonder why, well most of you know me from your childhood. I had a great tragic in my life in the loss of my (our) son, Teddy, III. I feel I had a great deal to do in order to forgiving the one who robbed me and my family of our only son and brother. Yes, I had to overcome, deal with the grief and forgive that young man that caused it to happen and move on. I begin to wonder how many of my persons whom I send the reflections each day, are burdened with an unforgiven heart and soul. If you are, ask yourself, is it worth? I hope your soul said "An unforgiven spirit is like an uncontrolled cancer, it eats and eats until it destroys all the substance in you. I ask you today to give it up! What ever it is, give it up. Pray for God's peace in the situation. It is not worth adhering to. A right relationship is more than gold and silver. We cannot be in a relationship with God until our relationship !
with each other is right.

Think on this: Mahatma Gandhi once said something that deserves our thought. "The weak" ; he said, "can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong"; Are you strong or are you weak?

Joseph knew who God was. I know who God is. God has placed many young men in my life that if it had not been for my great loss I may not have noticed and council them. An older lady in a church I attended when God called to the ministry said often, "do not let nothing separate you from God's love and send you to hell " She is a wise lady.Give it up, amend what needs to be amended, regardless.

Have a blessed Day in the Lord! "Do no evil, do good and stay in love with God"