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Elissa Orlando

Healthy Friday is a monthly radio program devoted to your health. WXXI is the only station that gives you direct access to Rochester’s leading medical minds. Each month host Elissa Orlando tackles consumer health topics from living with breast cancer, to managing diabetes.



Healthy Friday takes place Every third Friday of
the month on WXXI-AM 1370.

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This month on Healthy Friday:

January 2014

2014 Hypertension guidelines. Doctors are in disagreement.
Guest: Dr. Tim Malins, who is in the middle of the road, to sort it out. Plus general blood pressure issues.

Fatty liver. Very common. 10-20% of Americans have some fat in their liver. This disease is not just about alcohol. And exercise can help. Guest: Dr Kevin Casey, Gastroenterologist

Alzheimer’s. Preview of Saturday Little Theatre Screening of The Genius of Marian. Also Vicky Ruppert, wife of Jim Ruppert, one of Second Opinion’s first panelists. Jim has passed away, and Vicky has written a book about caring for those with dementia. She’ll be joined by her co-author Ann Henderberg, who also lost her husband to dementia, and David Midland of the local Alzheimer’s Association.

Faith-based mental health initiatives. Guests are Phyllis Jackson of FLHSA and Anne Marie White, University of Rochester Medical Center

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