Great Homes of Rochester

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Charlotte Whitney Allen House
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The "Mushroom" House

A House of Steele and Ice

Charlotte Whitney Allen was rich, bright, independent, a lover of good talk and of even better friends. The Oliver Street home built for her as a wedding present far outlasted the marriage. Through it into the garden came a steady stream of interesting people, most often at the stroke of 4 every afternoon, the time Charlotte dubbed The Chilled Glass Hour. The house and the garden reflected Whitney Allen’s personality. The garden, designed by world famous landscape architect Fletcher Steele, had everything except what Charlotte loathed: namely, flowers. House and garden survive today in the hands of someone keenly aware of its interesting legacy.


The Mushroom House that isn’t

Sometimes compared to an alien spaceship, the misnamed Mushroom House in Powdermill Park remains a national landmark. And the innovative spirit that gave rise to it in the 1970s continues through new and remarkable renovations in the early part of the 21st century.

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