Great Homes of Rochester

The Tackle-Yates house

The Tackle-Yates house

Veterans of the Revolutionary War campaign of General John Sullivan gaped in wonder as they marched through the fertile Genesee Valley. Unlike their homes in stony New England, there was rich, black soil unmarked by anyone other than the Seneca. Many of those veterans were first in line when the land opened up in the 1780s and 90s. Some of them named a their new settlement after their old home in Middlebury, Vermont. In that town, a village called Wyoming began. And south of it, veteran Alexander Tackles built what at first was a nice, unassuming farm house in the lee of a tall hill. Later generations made the home into something far more, an U-shaped wonder with a floating staircase, expensive imported wallpaper, breathtaking entryway and 84 windows. When the home finally passed out of the hands of the Tackles family, it was to a couple who had no intention of buying anything that was old, north, and constantly demanding of money. Brock and Pamela Yates had it made in the late 70s and early 80s. Brock’s career as a writer now included a Hollywood credit to his name. The story of his cross country, no rules race had been made into Cannonball Run. California beckoned. But California was also expensive. The Yates decided that they had indeed fallen in love with the abandoned house south of Wyoming. 2 decades and much remodeling and restoring later, it is a showcase still in progress.


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