Making Stuff

WXXI & Rochester Museum & Science Center
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Attend the MAKING STUFF Science Café

  • What: View clips from the series airing on WXXI. Join a community discussion with University of Rochester scientists Lewis Rothberg and Todd Krauss about materials that will shape our future!

  • Where: Rochester Museum & Science Center, Eisenhart Auditorium at 657 East Ave, Rochester, NY

  • When: Saturday, February 5, 2011from 7 PM—9 PM.

  • Note: Register for limited seating at this FREE event.

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Watch MAKING STUFF with David Pogue 9-10pm Wed. on WXXI-TV 21.1/Cable 11/1011

  • A four-part NOVA series exploring the materials that will shape the future.

  • When: Premiering Wednesdays January 19, January 26, February 2, and February 9
    on WXXI at 9 p.m.-10 p.m.

  • Watch on-demand at: (Select NOVA from Programs list.)


Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.


Attend the MAKING STUFF Science Saturday 

  • What: Hands-on material science demonstrations.

  • Where: Rochester Museum & Science Center at 657 East Ave, Rochester, NY

  • When: Saturday, February 5th from 12 PM—4 PM

  • Note: Attendance is subject to regular RMSC admission fees.

1370 Connection Live Call-in Show: Feb. 1st from 12pm-1pm: Call in to ask local University of Rochester scientist Todd Krauss and RMSC Director of Education, Calvin Uzelmeier about the material world we live in, and the one that may lie ahead. What scientific innovations are ushering in a new generation of materials that are stronger, smaller, smarter, and cleaner than anything we've ever seen.


View the Chat Online from Wed. January 19th 10:00 P.M.-10:30 P.M.with local scientists Todd Krauss, Lewis Rothberg and Calvin Uzelmeier which followed the first episode of Making Stuff: