WXXI HD Radio is here!

HD Radio

Digital broadcasting technology allows WXXI to offer higher quality programs, information and services, and more viewing and listening choices, with multiple channels and datacasting. WXXI Digital Radio, or HD Radio, is here!

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Questions and Answers about HD Radio

Q: What is HD radio?

A: HD Radio is the most significant advance in radio broadcasting since the introduction of FM stereo more than 50 years ago. It is dramatically higher quality audio, free of static, hiss, pops or fades. HD Radio technology enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast programs digitally, allowing you to hear CD clarity and quality on FM Radio broadcasts, and FM quality on AM radio broadcasts. And your HD radio receiver can provide you with program or music information, breaking news, and weather and traffic alerts.

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The New York Times recently reviewed HD Radio receivers. Read the review (you'll need to be a NYTimes.com member).

Q: Will HD Radio have more than one channel like digital television?

A: HD Radio technology enables an FM station to offer more than one program stream on its digital spectrum. WXXI HD Radio has three audio channels:

  • 91.5-1 broadcasts our Classical 91.5/90.3 music programming with the highest definition of sound quality. View the schedule
  • 91.5-2 broadcasts the NPR News programming heard on WXXI-AM, but in crystal clear, digital stereo. View the schedule
  • Please note: In an effort to provide our FM HD 91.5-1 and FM HD 91.5-2 audiences with a stronger signal and better listening quality, we will be terminating FM HD 91.5-3 as of July 31, 2009. You'll still find many of the programs you've enjoyed on FM HD 91.5-3 on FM HD 91.5-2

Q: How can I hear HD Radio on WXXI?

A: While HD Radio is subscription-free, you need an HD Radio in your car and/or home to hear our digital broadcasts. The new radios receive both the analog and digital broadcast signals. You may also listen online when the live stream becomes available. You can find out more about available HD Radio receivers at http://www.ibiquity.com/manufacturers.

Find out more about HD Radio at http://www.hdradio.com