WXXI and HD Radio

Have you heard the news?

WXXI is pleased to unveil its new HD Radio service. This new technology offers a whole host of exciting opportunities for listeners, and we hope you take advantage of this great new service. HD Radio promises CD-quality sound with no more static, crackles or fades. It enables WXXI to offer more programming choices, and allows for the transmission of additional information, like song titles and artists.

Just as digital television has enabled WXXI to transmit four television stations, digital radio enables WXXI to broadcast more than one channel. WXXI HD Radio hosts three audio channels -- 91.5-1, which broadcasts our classical music programming heard on FM 91.5/90.3 with the highest definition of sound, and 91.5-2, which broadcasts news and information programming heard on AM 1370. A third channel, 91.5-3, offers a whole new variety of talk radio and news programs from National Public Radio and Public Radio International not found in our current radio schedules. These programs include The World as it Happens, Day to Day, Splendid Table, Zorba Paster Health and much more. A complete schedule is available.

Unlike satellite radio, HD Radio is not a subscribed service. In order to access this free, over-the-air radio broadcast you will need an HD Radio. You can purchase an HD Radio for as little as $100, but you’ll also be able to stream the stations from WXXI’s Web site in the near future. And, unlike digital television – where the analog signal will eventually be turned off by Federal decree and digital television will be the only option, digital radio is an additional service to analog radio and both will continue exist.

Multipath interference, caused by the signal reflecting off buildings, does not affect digital radio because it is able to discern the true signal. The result is a dramatically higher quality audio – where HD AM radio sounds as good as today’s FM radio – with no crackle, hiss or static and HD FM sounds as if you were listening to a CD.

More than 1,325 radio stations across the country are now broadcasting in HD format, and more than half offer alternative program streams. In Rochester, there are 33 HD Radio channels, but only WXXI brings three digital radio channels to the airwaves. To learn more about HD Radio and WXXI’s new HD Radio stations, vist the rest of our HD Radio pages.

this story was published in our August Program Guide.