School Days: 

A Day In The Life Of Three Teachers

School DaysThe program offers a unique perspective on the demands and challenges placed on today’s educators. It is an eye-opening journey through a "typical" day for teachers, providing insight into their lives both in and out of school. Along the way, it also explores how issues such as inclusion, technology and imposed standards affect an individual classroom.

Viewers are introduced to three elementary school teachers from rural, urban and suburban school districts. Not only do their teaching environments differ, but they are also at different stages in their careers and personal lives.

The featured teachers are:

Andres CruzPat Schwab, a co-teacher in a 1st-2nd grade inclusion classroom at Lincoln School in Newark, NY.

Andres Cruz, a beginning teacher who teaches 5th grade at his former elementary school in an inner city neighborhood in Rochester, NY.

Mary Wanzer, a 26-year veteran who brings a unique approach to her 4th grade class at Hill School in Brockport, NY.

The program is ideal for staff development programs, career workshops, parent groups, or any organization interested in discussing education in today’s schools. Teachers have an opportunity to visit other classrooms and see how three of their colleagues approach daily challenges. Potential teachers get an inside look at the profession, as well as the challenge of balancing work and home life. Parents have a chance to hear teachers’ personal perspectives about their work with students and why they teach. For community groups, the program can spark discussion on the realities of teaching, education and the effect of greater social issues on life in the classroom.

School DaysSchool Days: A Day In The Life Of Three Teachers 
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This program was funded in part by:

The Joan and Harold Feinbloom Supporting Foundation
The Siegle Foundation, Inc.

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