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How to Be a Caller on 1370 Connection

Every weekday, the phones at WXXI's 1370 Connection (585-263-9994) ring virtually nonstop for two hours. If you follow these guidelines, you'll have a much better chance of getting on the air.

As a caller, you have a role to play on the program ' to help make the show worthwhile for the listeners. Just getting through on one of the phone lines in the studio does not ensure you will get on the air.

If you get a bad connection, you won't get on the air, no matter how interesting your comment. So if you're in your car and you want to call in, pulling over will allow a connection that's more consistent and likely to be higher audio quality.

Wherever you're calling from, be prepared to turn off your radio as soon as the screener answers the phone. WXXI broadcasts on a 10-second delay, so if you are listening on the radio instead of the phone, when the host introduces you, you'll miss it.

1370 Connection looks for callers who are well-prepared to make thoughtful, articulate contributions to the show. Think about what you want to say before you dial the number. Focus your thoughts so you will be brief and articulate with the producer who is screening the calls. The screener will ask about the nature of your comments, to make sure the call is on-topic. Also, calls may be taken out of order to help the flow of the conversation.

1370 Connection is a friendly, civil discussion about the issues of the day and other things the nation is talking about. Callers who are rude, abusive or vulgar will not be put on the air.

If you pass muster with the screener, you will be put on hold. You should listen to the show through the phone. When the host introduces you, you will hear your name and the place you're calling from. Please don't say, 'Can you hear me?' Just say hello and start talking.

If you call near the end of the hour, there may not be enough time to include your comment. The screener will inform you if your call cannot go on the air.

Once you are on the air, you are no longer a listener; you are a contributor to the program. There may not be time for all of your comments or questions, particularly if there are many other callers waiting to participate. Your follow-up questions are at the discretion of the host and engineer, and are affected by caller volume, and by how long you have already been on the air.

You can also email your comments during the program to 1370connection@wxxi.org


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