May 28, 1873
To tell the future about their city, Rochester's Commissioners put 345 objects into a copper box and then sealed it in the cornerstone of the new City Hall building.
What did people in 1873 want us to know about life in 19th-century Rochester? What objects did they choose to relay their messages? Discover the contents of the 1873 time capsule for yourself.

 December 1, 1999
After 126 years, the time capsule reveals its contents.
See how the capsule was found and the contents explored with high-tech optics. Witness the capsule being opened 126 years after it was buried. Learn how museum conservators preserved the contents for posterity.

 Rochester, 2100
Share your vision of Rochester's future beyond the "Renaissance Plan," which guides us through 2010.
Learn about the NEW time capsule. Provide input about what should be in it. Tell us what you think Rochester will be like in 100 years. Leave a message for the future in a virtual time capsule.