Long Island

Susan Hunt journeys to Long Island and tours one of the countries top duck farms, makes potato chips, stops in on some noted wineries, and harvests oysters.  Chef Dan Martello prepares potato and fennel crusted oysters with mustard dressing.
Episode 105
  • Louisa Hargrave
  • Castello di Borghese
  • Raphael
  • Jurgielewicz Duck Farm
  • Seafood
  • Martin Sidor Farms
  • Wölffer Estate Vineyard

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Louisa Hargrave speaks about her journey from naive dreamer to esteemed vintner.

Castello di Borghese winery has the oldest vines on Long Island. This was once Alex & Louisa Hargrave’s vineyard, the birthplace of Long Island wine. www.castellodiborghese.com

Raphael, a winery located on the North Fork of Long Island, was established in 1996. www.raphaelwine.com

The Jurgielewicz Duck Farm is a third generation duck farm on
Long Island that started in 1919.

Susan Hunt goes fishing.

Hearty chips are kettle-cooked in healthy
sunflower oil at Martin Sidor Farms.

Wölffer Estate is an American Winery in the Classic European Tradition.www.wolffer.com

Potato and Fennel Crusted Oysters with Mustard Dressing
How to schuck oysters:  Keep oysters cold.  Grip the oyster, flat side up, and force the tip of an oyster knife, between the shells just next to the hinge. Pry, twisting the knife, while at the same time trying to push the blade into the oyster, breaking the hinge. Run the blade along the inside of the upper shell to free the oyster, removing the top shell.