Season 2 Episodes
201 Lake Erie
Lake Erie Grape Region is home to the oldest and largest Concord grape growing region in the world and the largest grape growing region in the United States outside of California. Currently there are 21 wineries with many more in the planning stages.
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202 New York City /
Long Island

New York City is a concrete kingdom defined by the energy and execution of what’s next, whether in the world of finance, art, music or winemaking. Winemaking? Long Island has been dubbed New York's "Bordeaux". In little over a quarter of a century Long Island has grown from one small vineyard to 3,000 acres of vines and over thirty wineries producing world-class wines. Explore this Episode
203 Finger Lakes - Varieties
The Finger Lakes grow more kinds of grapes than are found in California, and possibly any other grape growing region in the world.  
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204 Finger Lakes -
Following a Dream

Many winemakers and chefs are staking their hopes and their trellises on the east coast. Over the last three decades, 194 new wineries have opened in New York State. 112 of those wineries are located in the Finger Lakes region.
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205 Hudson Valley
Food and wine traditions in the Hudson Valley are older than the United States itself. With a wine-making tradition extending back to the 17th Century, the Valley hosts America’s oldest vineyard and the oldest continuously operating winery. Today, a new generation of specialty growers has revitalized farming and winemaking in the Valley, from blackcurrant wine, apple vodka, and apple cider.
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206 Thousand Islands
The newly created Thousand Islands - Seaway Wine Trail began its first season in 2007 and consists of three wineries, one grape nursery and 19 vineyards. So how can a climate that resembles the tundra in winter produce grapes suitable for wine making? The answer lies in the term “cold hardy grapes.”
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207 Niagara
Discover how a region with a rich fruit growing legacy is transforming itself into a world class wine region.
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Season 1 Episodes
101 Farm to Table
Celebrate farm to table as Susan Hunt explores the magnificent New York Wine & Culinary Center, plus the story of Dr. Frank, the man responsible for putting the Finger Lakes on the international wine map. Chef Dan Martello prepares a dish with creamed leeks and roasted sweet corn.
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102 Wine
Susan Hunt travels from the tip of Long Island to the brink of Niagara Falls as she delves into New York’s internationally acclaimed wineries. Chef Dan Martello prepares a Riesling braised cabbage and bratwurst dish. Explore this Episode
103 Agriculture
Whether sweet corn, crisp apples, maple syrup, or prize-winning turkeys, Susan Hunt savors the flavors of New York farms. Chef Dan Martello prepares cheddar and apple biscuits. 
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104 New York City
Susan Hunt heads to Manhattan, visits Union Square’s famed Green Market and meets two legendary chef’s who redefined the city’s restaurant scene. Chef Dan Martello makes mulled apple cider with sweet honey cream.
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105 Long Island
Susan Hunt journeys to Long Island and tours one of the countries top duck farms, makes potato chips, stops in on some noted wineries, and harvests oysters. Chef Dan Martello prepares potato and fennel crusted oysters with mustard dressing.
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106 Hudson River Valley
New York Chef Waldy Malouf takes Susan Hunt on a tour through the Hudson River Valley.  Susan also visits the country’s oldest winery and Old Chatham Sheepherding Company.  Chef Dan Martello prepares roasted pears with melted camembert and port wine reduction.
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107 Finger Lakes East
Susan Hunt delves into the heart of the Finger Lakes and discovers why it is fast becoming known as the Napa Valley of the East. Chef Dan Martello prepares a maple glazed onion and goat cheese tart.
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108 Finger Lakes West
It’s Festival time in the Finger Lakes and, from sauerkraut to grapes, Susan Hunt explores them all. Susan also visits several Finger Lakes wineries and Chef Dan Martello prepares a grape, blue cheese, and candied walnut salad tossed with endive and radicchio. Explore this Episode
109 Niagara & Lake Erie
Susan Hunt visits New York’s newest designated wine region, the Niagara Escarpment and learns about Welch’s grape juice. Chef Dan Martello prepares a pine nut crusted salmon with concord grape sauce. Explore this Episode
110 North Country
Susan Hunt discovers agriculture in the Adirondacks, wine ice cream and the inspiration behind New York’s northern most winery. Chef Dan Martello discusses beef, including the grading system, different cuts, cooking methods and temperatures. Explore this Episode
111 Albany / Saratoga / Cooperstown
Susan Hunt is off to the races at Saratoga Racetrack and meets a horse trainer who wins by a nose when it comes to growing garlic. Plus a wine store that is bringing New York wines to the world via the Internet. Chef Dan Martello prepares Garlic Soup.
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112 Farming: A Team Effort
Susan Hunt dives into the world of Community Supported Agriculture. She also meets with three winemakers who work together to create one distinct bottle of wine. Chef Dan Martello prepares grilled farmer’s cheese with fresh strawberries and pistachios.
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113 Taste of the Future
Susan Hunt takes a peek into the future of food and wine as seen through the eyes of New York farmers, researchers and noted chefs. Chef Dan Martello discusses the SLO Movement (seasonal, local, organic).
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