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Cobblestone Church

(Universalist, Childs NY) The inscription over the door states: "Erected by the First Universalist Society A.D. 1834. God is Love." The foundations were dug in April 1834 and the church was dedicated in October. The stones were gathered from surrounding fields and carted to the site by oxen. In 1874 the interior was remodeled to suit changing tastes. The pews were turned around, the woodwork grained, a deceptive painting was created and a new pulpit and chairs were added. With the opening of the Pullman Memorial Church in Albion, the Childs Church closed in 1895 and stood as an idle landmark until 1960. It is the oldest and one of the best preserved of 26 cobblestone churches. During the 1840s and 1850s George M. Pullman of railway car fame attended church here before moving to Chicago.